GigaDevice recently announced that it has signed a patent licensing agreement with Rambus Inc., a leading semiconductor IP supplier, for RRAM (Resistance Random-Access Memory) technology. At the same time, GigaDevice signed a license agreement with Reliance Memory. According to the agreement, GigaDevice will obtain more than 180 RRAM-related patents and applications from Rambus and Reliance Memory.

GigaDevice is a leading company in China's memory chip industry. It has been paying close attention to technological innovation in the field of memory chips, actively carrying out strategic layout, and exploring differentiated market segments. According to public information, as early as May 2018, GigaDevice, together with Rambus and other world-renowned semiconductor investment institutions, established a joint venture company Reliance Memory with RRAM technology as its core business.

"Obtaining RRAM technology licenses from Rambus and Reliance Memory will help us provide customers with more innovative storage solutions." Said Mr. Zhu Yiming, Chairman of GigaDevice.

Kit Rodgers, senior vice president of technical partnerships and corporate development at Rambus, said: "GigaDevice has achieved remarkable achievements in the global flash memory field. We are very pleased to be able to license the RRAM patent solution to GigaDevice. These licenses will help DigaDevice develop innovative solutions in the field of memory and accelerate its commercialization."