Qualcomm recently announced a new chipset designed to help spur the burgeoning growth of the IoT market. The Qualcomm 212 LTE IoT modem is the world’s most efficient single-mode NB2 (NB-IoT) chipset, and its target market is more cost-sensitive applications and devices with limited footprint and power consumption.

"The Qualcomm 212 LTE IoT Modem will help usher in a new era for a range of IoT applications around the globe, especially those requiring connectivity deep within buildings combined with low power use, like battery-powered IoT devices that need to operate for 15 years or longer in the field," said Vieri Vanghi, Qualcomm Europe's vice president of product management.

"Its ultra-low power consumption, compact form factor, and low cost will greatly benefit OEMs creating the next generation of low-power IoT devices." Vieri Vanghi pointed out.

The modem will be available by the end of the year.