Yesterday, Norio Nakajima, who will be promoted to president of Murata in June, said in an interview with Bloomberg that although the COVID-19 pandemic in the past two months has brought great uncertainty to customer demand, but Its customers' orders for mobile phone parts are almost the same as the same period last year, and there has been no decline.

Norio Nakajima said that according to the current situation, smartphone manufacturers in mainland China still follow the product roadmap before the COVID-19 outbreak.

The passive components produced by Murata are widely used in Apple iPhones and other smart phones, televisions, and automobiles. Affected by the global pandemic of COVID-19, Murata believes that orders for automotive components may decline, but on the other hand, 5G base station parts orders are still strong and demand is on the rise. In addition, the pandemic caused people to stay home and work from home, which increased the demand for orders from data center and game consoles.

Norio Nakajima said that the future is difficult to judge because it is not driven by economic factors. But so far, the orders we have received are almost the same as last year.