Yesterday, Yageo announced its revenue in March 2020, which was NT $ 4.035 billion, a monthly increase of 50.4% and an annual increase of 14.8%.

Yageo stated that the substantial increase in sales in March compared with the previous month was mainly due to the resumption of production by customers in mainland China, which caused a rebound in demand.

From February to early March, when the COVID-19 epidemic spread in China, Yageo said that the COVID-19 epidemic affected the capacity of its plant in mainland China, which caused a tight supply. To meet the urgent needs of customers, Yageo increased the production capacity of its Kaohsiung plant and recruited 1,500 production line employees and 100 engineers.

According to industry analysis, as other MLCC producers’ production facilities were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, many orders were transferred to Yageo. This is one of the reasons why Yageo's sales performance improved so much in March.