Quantum announced on February 4 that it has reached an agreement with Western Digital Technology, a subsidiary of Western Digital, to acquire its object storage business ActiveScale. The transaction is expected to be completed by March 31, 2020, subject to the usual closing conditions.

According to reports, Quantum has sold and supported the ActiveScale product line for many years and has extensive project experience in delivering object storage businesses. ActiveScale can serve multiple fields such as media and entertainment, genomics and life sciences, autonomous driving research, and various other scientific studies. For example, object storage can be used for long-term content repositories for video content creation, film and television production, as well as in the fields of genomics and life sciences, and video surveillance.

"As Quantum's business returns to growth, we begin to evaluate potential strategic acquisitions that can enrich the company's product matrix. ActiveScale is fully aligned with our strategic goals, market focus, and the company's product and technology portfolio. The addition of this product line and related talents brings object storage software and erasure coding technology to Quantum's current product matrix, and also adds new impetus for Quantum to continue to expand the object storage market," said Jamie Lerner, president and CEO of Quantum.