Diodes Incorporated recently announced PI3EQX12904A PCIe 3.0/SATA3 combo ReDriver with linear equalization that supports speeds up to 8Gbps. The PI3EQX12904A provides laptop, notebook, industrial PC, and embedded system developers with a robust, multiprotocol linear ReDriver that offers a flexible interface while also meeting current and standby power requirements.

As solid-state drives (SSDs) continue to displace HDDs in notebooks, laptops, industrial PCs, and embedded systems, there is increasing demand for interface devices that can drive extended PCB track lengths without degrading the signal. By complying with both PCIe and SATA protocols, the PI3EQX12904A provides manufacturers with a single solution that can be used in multiple products.

Designers need to address the potential performance issues inherent with driving control and data signals across a switch fabric, cables, PCB tracks or other connections. While most ReDrivers can provide the extra drive required to achieve this, the PI3EQX12904A also adds programmable equalization, linear swing, and flat gain capability to provide optimal performance when using various physical mediums.

The PI3EQX12904A supports PCIe 3.0 and SATA3 protocols over serial links running at 8Gbps (PCIe 3.0) and 6Gbps (SATA3). It features four 100Ω differential CML data I/O signals and is transparent to link training. Its adaptive power management features include automatic low-power mode with automatic receiver detection. In slumber mode, the inputs are monitored for any activity, and if detected, the corresponding channel automatically switches to active mode.

The PI3EQX12904A is available in a 42-TQFN (ZH) package.


Further information is available at www.diodes.com.