According to South Korean media reports, the Korean government said on the 19th that it will invest 1 trillion won (US $ 863 million) in the next 10 years to cultivate the next-generation semiconductor industry.

The Ministry of Science of South Korea said that cutting-edge AI and SoC technologies, new equipment with low power consumption and high performance, and ultra-fine processes will help South Korea overcome its heavy dependence on memory semiconductors.

The report pointed out that in the past five years, South Korea has spent about 1 trillion won on research and development of various projects and preliminary feasibility studies.

Regarding the specific content of this investment, the report stated that in the field of AI chips, South Korea will focus on acquiring platform technologies that can integrate Neural-network Processing Unit (NPU), ultra-high-speed interfaces and related software. The Ministry of Science also said that it plans to work with existing fabless semiconductor companies to build a platform that can accelerate development, save costs and reduce production time.

In terms of next-generation SoCs, the Ministry of Science of Korea pointed out that it will focus on manufacturing semiconductors for future automobiles, electronic equipment, medicine and biotechnology, energy and robotics, which will lead to the creation of autonomous vehicles, small communication chips, and better AR, VR chips and panels.