According to DRAMeXchange reports, the spot price of 8Gb DDR4 standard DRAM has risen to about 3.5 USD, which has increased by more than 10% since January; the spot price of 4Gb DDR4 standard DRAM has risen to more than 2 USD, which has risen by about 17% since January.

Due to the low supply in the spot market, the industry expects that prices will continue to rise before the Chinese Lunar New Year, and the rise in spot prices will drive up contract prices, which will significantly boost the revenue and profit of DRAM manufacturers.

In December last year, due to the decline in the inventory of ODM / OEM, mobile phone manufacturers, and system manufacturers, suppliers did not intend to sell at reduced prices, and buyers began to increase purchases, which caused the DRAM price to stop falling and rebound.

As of 2020, buyers in the DRAM market have continued to purchase in preparation for inventory, while the supply side has not added new capacity in the past year, pushing up the spot price. In addition, the drastic increase in the DRAM capacity of electronic products is also one of the reasons driving demand.

According to DRAMeXchange estimates, the contract price of server DRAM and niche DRAM in the first quarter will increase by less than 5% from the previous quarter. Graphics DRAM is expected to increase between 5-10%, while standard and mobile DRAM prices will remain unchanged.