On January 16, SK Hynix and Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China signed an investment cooperation agreement to jointly build an integrated circuit industrial park.

According to local reports, the signed SK Hynix Wuxi Integrated Circuit Industrial Park project will be jointly built by Wuxi High-tech Zone and SK Hynix, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan, focusing on the construction of SK Hynix's upstream and downstream industry chain.

The Jiangsu Provincial Government stated that SK Hynix has invested approximately US $ 20 billion in Wuxi, and has become the largest foreign-invested enterprise in Jiangsu with the largest single investment and the most advanced memory semiconductor production technology. The contracted project is committed to creating a semiconductor industry headquarters economic cluster, expanding new space for cooperation between the two sides, and pushing cooperation to new heights.

According to Seok-Hee Lee, CEO of SK Hynix Co., Ltd., since the second wafer fab was put into production last year, the product yield has repeatedly reached record highs and reached the highest level in the world. Today, SK Hynix Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd. has become the first production base with the world's top technology. The two sides will jointly build an integrated circuit industrial park and work together to improve the semiconductor industry chain, which will further strengthen our core competitiveness in the semiconductor industry.