Recently, the news that Huawei's HiSilicon Semiconductor has begun to sell chips to the open market has aroused industry concern.

According to the supply chain, customers using HiSilicon chips have tested the samples and will replace the corresponding chips from other manufacturers. In addition, compared with the chip used before, HiSilicon has three advantages: shorter delivery time, better price, and more advanced manufacturing process.

The supply chain source said that based on the trade war between China and the United States, Chinese electronics manufacturers were forced to use Chinese-made chips. Unfortunately, there were not many high-quality chips available before, and now HiSilicon chips can be sold to the public, which is good news for customers.

Earlier, analysts pointed out that if HiSilicon can sell chips to companies other than Huawei, especially standard chips such as power management and radio frequency, it will greatly affect design companies in related fields. In addition to product quality, with the size of HiSilicon, its huge price advantage in costs such as foundry and packaging can be difficult for many competitors to cope with.