According to recent industry insiders of the memory chip industry, the demand for memory chips in 2020 will grow with new demand such as 5G, AI, automotive, and the Internet of Things, and the overall demand growth is expected to exceed supply growth.

Taking DRAM as an example, industry insiders said that the supply balance will be restored in the first half of next year. After entering the peak season in the second half of the year, there will be a shortage of supply and DRAM prices are expected to resume growth.

According to previous surveys by DRAMeXchange, the current spot price of DRAM is showing an upward trend. It is expected that DRAM contract prices will gradually rise from January 2020, which is earlier than previously expected.

From the perspective of the supply chain offer, the average spot price of DDR4 8 Gb for PC is currently $ 3.03, which is a slight rebound from the previous offer. In fact, DRAM spot prices have been on the rise since falling to a low of $ 2.73 on December 5.