According to the latest statistics released by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA), the global shipment value of Japanese electronic component manufacturers in October 2019 was 325.2 billion yen, a decrease of 12.5% compared to the same month last year, the largest decrease since October 2016.

The data in this report comes from many major Japanese electronic component manufacturers, including Kyocera, TDK, Nidec, Hitachi Metals, Nitto Denko, Alps Alpine, Murata Mfg, Taiyo Yuden, Hosiden, Nippon Electric Glass, Rohm, etc.

In terms of regional shipments, Japanese manufacturers’ domestic electronic component shipments in October fell 18.5% to 72.7 billion yen from the same month last year; shipments to the Americas fell 18.1% to 31.9 billion yen; shipments to Europe fell 7.3% to 33.2 billion yen; shipments to the Chinese market fell 6.7% to 121.1 billion yen; shipments to the rest of Asia fell 14.7% to 66.4 billion yen.

In addition, in terms of major component categories, October shipments of capacitors decreased by 19% to 95.3 billion yen from the same month last year; resistor shipments fell 19% to 12.1 billion yen; transformer shipments fell 15% to 3.2 billion yen; inductor shipments rose 1% to 24.4 billion yen; connector shipments fell 14% to 49.1 billion yen.

For other components, shipments of switch components fell 14% to 34.7 billion yen; actuator shipments fell 18% to 22.9 billion yen; and shipments of audio components fell 24 % to 13 billion yen; shipments of radio frequency (RF) components including TV tuners, filters, and wireless modules increased 13% to 32 billion yen.