According to techcrunch, Israeli radar chipset startup Arbe recently stated that it has raised $ 32 million from a group of new investors in Series B financing, investors including BAIC Capital, Catalyst CEL, MissionBlue Capital and AI Alliance.

Arbe CEO Kobi Marenko said that Arbe already has 5 first-tier customers, 2 of which are in China and 3 in Europe. Arbe will use the funds to hire more employees, and the company's focus over the next year is to put its radar systems into full production.

It is understood that Arbe has developed a high-resolution radar chipset designed to help autonomous vehicles detect and identify targets. This technology can separate, identify and track hundreds of targets over a wide field of view over long distances with high horizontal and vertical resolution. Arbe says its radar chipset produces images that are 100 times more detailed than any other solution currently on the market. In addition, the system is able to localize and map the environment while taking these images.

Arbe is very confident in its radar chipset, and Marenko said that it will enable cars to achieve L3 autonomous driving without the need for lidar or light detection and ranging radar.