According to the latest report from DRAMeXchange, DRAM spot prices rose by more than 10% in December. Specifically, after the average price of DDR4 8Gb dropped to US $ 2.73 on the 5th of this month, it started to bottom out and exceeded US $ 3 on the 16th.

The rebound in prices this month was mainly due to the decline in DRAM inventory. DRAMeXchange predicts that the increase in spot prices will improve the overall DRAM market, coupled with increased customer demand, DRAM prices will continue to rise in the first quarter of next year.

Eugene Investment Securities researcher said that if there is no shortage of Intel CPU, the upward trend of DRAM spot prices will be more obvious. Starting in January or the first quarter of next year, DRAM contract prices are expected to start to rise.

Analysts from Asiana Financial Investment said that the rise in DRAM spot prices from this month has also brought the possibility of an increase in server DRAM contract prices. From the perspective of suppliers, the possibility of increasing DRAM prices is very high.