Toyota and DENSO announced plans to establish a joint venture company MIRISE Technologies in April 2020 to research and develop next-generation automotive semiconductors.

"MIRISE" is the abbreviation of "Mobility Innovative Research Institute for Semiconductor", and the new company will be chaired by Yoshifumi Kato, Senior Executive Officer of Denso.

In terms of subdivided areas, MIRISE will focus on three technical areas: electronic power, sensing and SoC.

In the electronic power sector, Toyota and DENSO have accumulated experience in materials, manufacturing, and design technologies during the electrification of hybrid vehicles. In the future, it will mainly develop for internal manufacturing (including contract manufacturing). In terms of sensing business, in addition to internal production, joint R & D cooperation will also be carried out. In the SoC field, MIRISE will further strengthen the clarification of SoC specifications that are most suitable for future mobility.

In order to accelerate the establishment of a future competitive structure and system, the two companies are actively cooperating with universities, research institutions, startups and semiconductor-related companies, and are also strengthening the recruitment of semiconductor professionals.