According to reports, SMIC's 8-inch chip production line project in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China is progressing smoothly. At present, more than 150 production equipments have been moved into the factory. The single-machine debugging has been completed 50%, and on-line debugging will be carried out next month. According to the plan, it will be put into production in 2020.

The total investment of the SMIC Shaoxing project is 5.88 billion yuan, and the annual output value can reach 4.5 billion yuan after being put into operation. The project will build an integrated circuit 8-inch chip manufacturing line and a module packaging production line. It is a key project for the development of the entire industrial chain of local integrated circuit towns.

According to reports, the project plans to produce an assembly line with an annual output of about 2 billion chips. The main products include MEMS, IGBT, MOSFET, RF and other products.