Yesterday, Mark Liu, chairman of TSMC, announced the progress of its 2nm process for the first time. According to the published news, TSMC's research and development focus is mainly 3nm and 2nm. At present, its 2nm pathfinding group has been established, and it has officially entered the technical planning blueprint.

According to TSMC, the 2nm process development takes 4 years, and it will take up to 2024 to enter production. During this period, both the 5nm process and the 3nm process will become transitional products for customers.

In addition, regarding 3nm, TSMC said that the first 3nm plant in Taiwan will be put into production in 2021 and will enter mass production in 2022.

In addition, TSMC also announced that it will prepare test products for the 5nm chipset, which is expected to begin mass production in 2020. This means that engineering samples of these chipsets may be available to customers in the middle of next year. According to reports, TSMC's 5nm process chip size has been reduced by 45%, while performance has increased by about 15%.