Recently, Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic component distributor, announced an exclusive global distribution partnership with Directed Energy, Inc. Digi-Key distributes more than 8.7 million products from more than 800 manufacturers, and its partnership with Directed Energy will provide its customers with more choices.

Directed Energy has more than 30 years of experience in designing and selling precision pulse generators. Extensive industry experience enables them to produce a complete range of standard products to meet the designer's need for high quality fast current pulses and/or voltage pulses. Ready-to-use modules from Directed Energy can be used to drive laser diodes and applications that require high voltage pulses. Directed Energy's modules provide off-the-shelf solutions that provide high current pulses and high voltage pulses for scientific, industrial and commercial applications, allowing users to focus on products.

Stephen Krausse, president and company owner of Directed Energy, Inc., said: "As a long-time customer of Digi-Key, our engineers know the value of working with a full-category supplier because it makes it easy to find solutions to engineering problems. Today, as a Digi-Key partner, our pulsed laser diode driver and high voltage pulse module will provide the same value to industry designers and engineers around the world to help them solve problems."

David Stein, Vice President, Global Supplier Management, Digi-Key, said: "We are pleased to partner with Directed Energy to provide the company's ready-to-use modules to our global customer base. Directed Energy has an impressive lineup of off-the-shelf modules that provide high-quality pulses of high current and/or high voltage for a variety of applications, from LiDAR to ADAS, laser diode characterization, precision measurement, and physics and scientific experimentation."