Recently, TDK Corporation released an ultrasonic-based fingerprint sensor. The company said the sensor can be used in cars as well as in smartphones.

The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor has thousands of devices for generating and detecting ultrasonic waves, and can generate a beam of ultrasonic waves by phase control, and at the same time, recognizes fingerprints by detecting irregular ultrasonic waves reflected on the surface of the finger. Compared with optical and capacitive sensors, the recognition accuracy of ultrasonic sensor is much higher when the user's finger is wet or dirty.

In addition to display module manufacturers, TDK also encourages other major device manufacturers to use their fingerprint sensors, for example, to use the fingerprint sensor for smartphones. The company said the sensor has the advantage that it can be placed under the glass that protects the display. In addition, TDK emphasizes that the sensor can also be used in the automotive field.