According to South Korean media reports, the Korean government will invest about 3.9 billion US dollars next year to promote innovation and promote innovation in all industries.

According to reports, the South Korean government plans to invest $1.4 billion in digital, 5G, and AI next year, and invest $2.5 billion in system semiconductors, bio-health, and future cars. The specific measures are to increase investment in data, network and artificial intelligence in the first phase, and to invest in system semiconductors, bio-health and future vehicles in the second phase to achieve innovation in all industries.

This is not the first time South Korea has publicly announced its investment and strategy in semiconductor-related industries this year. Since the trade war between Japan and South Korea in July, perhaps South Korea has realized that it must shed its dependence on Japan.

The report pointed out that at the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, the international trading environment is rebuilding the global value chain system. In the global value chain formed over the past 30 years, the four production centers are located in North America, China, Europe and Southeast Asia. At present, Korea's global value chain participation rate is about 62.1%, ranking fourth in the world.

South Korean government officials said that South Korea should further strengthen the competitiveness of the materials and equipment industry to overcome the impact of Japan's export controls and ensure the future direction of Korean companies in the changes in the international trade order.