Renesas Electronics has announced four new 32-bit RX651 microcontrollers (MCUs) in ultra-small 64-pin BGA and LQFP packages. The 64-pin (4.5mm x 4.5mm) BGA package reduces area by 59% compared to the 100-pin LGA; the 64-pin (10mm x 10mm) LQFP is 49% smaller than the 100-pin LQFP. These newly released MCUs address the advanced security requirements of endpoint devices such as compact sensors and communication modules used in industrial, network control, building automation and smart metering systems running at the edge of the Internet of Things.

The RX651 Series MCUs integrate connectivity, Trusted Secure IP (TSIP) encryption and trusted flash area protection for live firmware updates via secure network communication. In addition, the addition of endpoint devices running at the edge also increases the need for over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates. The new RX651 integrates TSIP, enhanced flash protection and other advanced technologies to support this firmware update requirement, which is more secure and stable than other solutions in the market.

Daryl Khoo, vice president of marketing for Renesas Electronics' IoT Platform Business Unit, said: "The explosive growth of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 has led to the need for higher performance, smaller size IoT connectivity modules. These modules must also support the various security requirements required for IoT connectivity, such as confidentiality, data integrity, and availability. The ultra-small package of the RX651 meets these needs and is ideal for low-cost and high-performance compact networking applications. The 64-pin RX651MCU family provides customers with miniaturization, high performance and security features to protect their connected IoT devices, such as industrial and manufacturing systems, from cyber attacks. ”

The four newly released models are R5F5651EDDBP, R5F56519BDBP, R5F5651EDDFM, and R5F56519BDFM. These devices are available now from Renesas Electronics' worldwide distributors and are priced at $4.58 (based on 10,000 pcs). For more information on this range of products, please refer to the product page of Renesas Electronics' official website: