After the re-emergence of bitcoin mining, the graphics card market continued to be in short supply, and the inventory of distributors was wiped out.

It is reported that Massdrop, the foreign community buying platform, asked NVIDIA about the price of the graphics card. In response, the person in charge of Nvidia said that currently Nvidia itself now cannot control the price of graphics cards, due to tight supply of core components such as memory, the future graphics cards will remain high price. In addition, he also stressed that it is not the worst time.

Another graphic card manufacturer AMD also said that the main reason for the shortage of graphics and price increases is the lack of memory supply, the memory will still be in shortage of supply in 2018, graphics card prices will remain high.

In February, many brands announced graphic card price hike, including MSI, GALAXY, and ASUS. According to the disclosure, the MSI video card, GALAXY graphics card, and ASUS graphics card all implemented the latest price adjustment policy in February, and Asus is pulling up the price of all models.

According to disclosure, the shortage of graphics memory (VGA RAM) has not been eased since last year, and the market price of graphics cards has increased in August and September last year. The four seasons will slow down and gradually cool down in the first quarter of this year. However, it appears that the market demand has not been reduced and the shortage of graphics cards may even be deferred to the second quarter, which may cause an exclusion effect on the e-sports PC demand in the second half of this year.

Recent news pointed out that the graphics card is about to usher in a new round of price increases.