Digi-key has signed a new distribution agreement with Acconeer AB, and now the A1 SRD radar sensor is available at Digi-Key.

The A1 radar sensor is based on a unique patented technology that achieves millimeter accuracy with ultra-low power consumption. The sensor adopts PCR (Pulse Coherent Radar) technology and has many outstanding advantages. For example, it only requires a few microwatts of power to achieve a very high range of resolution, and it also has the unique possibility of integration with other devices. This sensor has high accuracy, low current consumption, motion and gesture recognition and material recognition functions, and is easy to integrate.

Lars Lindell, CEO of Acconeer, said, “We are very pleased to present this innovative radar sensor together with Digi-Key. Digi-Key's outstanding global distribution capabilities and large customer base can help Acconeer to promote its products to customers worldwide.”

Acconeer's groundbreaking 3D sensor technology is used in a wide range of applications to create unlimited possibilities for a variety of industries including: robotics and drones, mobile and wearable devices, the Internet of Things, power tools and industrial, healthcare and fitness, and the automotive industry .

David Stein, vice president of Digi-Key Global Semiconductors, stated, “We are pleased to work with Acconeer to leverage its unique features of radar sensors to provide materials identification and motion detection capabilities for customers designing advanced sensing applications. Small size, high performance Demand for advanced, high-precision, and high-precision 3D sensors is increasing. We firmly believe that the new cooperation with Acconeer will contribute to the development of future global technologies."