Allegro MicroSystems announces an update to its line of wheel speed sensors with two new products, the A19250 and A19350, which meet all industry requirements from high-precision GMR (Giant Magnetoresistance) to Hall-effect sensor solutions.

The A19250 and A19350 are designed to work with magnetic wheels to measure speed and direction information. By monolithically integrating state-of-the-art GMR technology with industry-leading signal processing algorithms, it provides greater repeatability at higher operating air gaps and low differential magnetic input signals to support higher accuracy requirements. GMR technology is combined with differential sensing technology to reject common mode magnetic field interference.

Based on Allegro's patented GMR technology, the A19250 and A19350 deliver industry-leading performance and are compatible with Hall-effect products as an alternative solution. The introduction of these devices makes Allegro's range of wheel speed products ideal for meeting all the demanding requirements of today's wheel speed applications.

The GMR wheel speed sensor IC is available in a small single in-line package with integrated EMC protection capacitors and meets ISO 26262 (under evaluation) functional safety standards.

For more details on Allegro's range of speed sensors, including the A19250 and A19350 GMR device parameters and data sheets, please visit: