Nexperia has announced that key components of its SOT23 package of transistor and switching diodes are now fully operational and can operate up to 175°C . The product range includes high speed switching diodes BAS16 / 21 and BC807 / 817 general purpose transistors.

The Ptot of the 175°C SOT23 device is 25% higher than the base 150°C rated component. This enables customers to achieve high temperature designs for applications under the hood, including gearbox and motor drives, as well as LED lighting and other industrial applications. These devices are also compliant with AEC-Q101 standards and have high reliability at the automotive level.

Mark Roeloffzen, vice president and general manager of Nexperia's Discrete Devices Business Group, commented: "Nexperia is the first to introduce a 175°C small-signal diode and transistor portfolio in the SOT23 package, further broadening the designer's choice of high-temperature circuits."

Nexperia is further refining its 175°C diode and transistor portfolio, which is available in leadless DFN packages, lead SMD packages, and clipbond FlatPower (CFP) and LFPAK packages.