Recently, Japan announced that it will strengthen export controls for Korea for three types of semiconductor raw materials. According to the Nikkei News, starting today, Japanese exporters need to apply for government permission to export the above three key semiconductor raw materials to South Korea. It is estimated that the relevant Japanese authorities will process the export application for 90 days, but the Korean buyer has only 1~ 2 months of material inventory.

According to the export processing time of 90 days, Korean manufacturers need to have 3 months of material inventory to ensure normal production. According to industry insider, SK hynix's material inventory can not meet the three-month production, if SK hynix can not get raw materials from Japan in time, it may face production stagnation. In addition, Samsung Electronics said it is evaluating the situation and has not responded yet.

According to statistics, in terms of memory chips, Korean manufacturers account for 70% of the world's DRAM and 50% of the NAND flash market. These products are widely used in world-renowned electronic products, such as Apple iPhone, Huawei Smart, HP and Lenovo's personal computers, and Sony and Panasonic TVs. The effects of Japan’s export controls may spread to the world, and the most immediate impact will be the price of the memory chip.