Since 2018, the average selling price of power MOSFETs has continued to rise. Among them, high-voltage power MOSFET products with operating voltages exceeding 400 volts have the largest price increase. As for other low- and medium-voltage power MOSFET products, the price increase is lower than that of high-voltage products, but it is also in a steady upward trend.

The use of power semiconductors in electronic applications is becoming more and more extensive, especially in automotive, 5G and high-end computing in recent years. It also attracts major manufacturers to actively invest in the development of high-voltage power MOSFET products, driving the average selling price to grow substantially.

In order to meet the high voltage power MOSFET market and technology requirements, major suppliers such as Infineon, ON Semiconductor, STM, ROHM, AOS are actively developing SiC power MOSFET components. In addition to leading suppliers, Taiwan manufacturers PANJIT and BYD in mainland China are also actively developing SiC power MOSFET products.

SiC power semiconductors have the advantages of high temperature resistance, high voltage resistance, and fast switching speed. With the growth of electric vehicles and other systems, the market demand for SiC power semiconductors is booming, and the surge in demand has also led to tight supply of SiC-based devices.

It is worth mentioning that the high manufacturing cost of SiC and GaN wafers is one of the main drivers of the rise in the price of high-voltage power MOSFETs.

At the same time, the global electric vehicle market is accelerating and the demand for MOSFETs is increasing. According to the survey data, MOSFET sales in automotive applications surpass the computing and data storage fields, accounting for more than 20% of the overall market.

Overall, the future demand for high-voltage power MOSFETs will increase, and industry estimates that the price increase will continue for a long time.