Recently, Melexis announced the introduction of the industry's smallest medical-grade precision standard far-infrared (FIR) temperature sensor - the MLX90632. The sensor is available in a SMD package for use in wearable devices (especially for advanced in-ear devices, so-called audible devices) and for clinical testing where high-accuracy measurements of human body temperature are required.

In general, small far-infrared sensors are sensitive to thermal disturbances, but the MLX90632 can mitigate the effects of thermal disturbances through complex compensation algorithms to achieve higher thermal stability. Based on Melexis' advanced factory calibration procedures, the new medical grade MLX90632 is optimized for the normal temperature range of the human body and achieves medical-grade accuracy of ±0.2°C.

The MLX90632 is a complete solution in a 3mm x 3mm x 1mm QFN package that integrates sensor components, signal processing components, digital interfaces and optics for quick and easy integration into a wide range of space-constrained applications.

The medical grade MLX90632 is small, thermally stable and optimized for body temperature, making it ideal for ultra-small health monitoring devices such as portable diagnostic tools that continuously monitor body temperature. In addition, the sensor is also very suitable for traditional medical equipment such as temperature gun or ear thermometer.

Jolex Roels, marketing manager for temperature sensors at Melexis, said: “Melexis has successfully sold millions of medical-grade sensor devices. This new device is built on the deep expertise we've accumulated in the process. The MLX90632 will bring disruptive sensing technology to a wide range of applications, helping leading manufacturers' devices stand out in the marketplace and provide users with vital health monitoring capabilities. ”