On June 26, US chip maker Micron said it has resumed supplying some products to Huawei. It is expected that demand for Micron's chips will pick up later this year.

Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra said: "After evaluating the US ban on Huawei, the supply of some chips has been restored in the past two weeks. We believe that these products are not within the scope of export management regulations and are not within the limits of the entity list."

However, due to the great variability of the US ban on Huawei, Mehrotra stressed: "There is a lot of uncertainty in Huawei's current situation, and we cannot predict how long we can continue to supply Huawei."

Mehrotra also pointed out that Huawei is Micron's largest customer, and the US ban on sales has caused Micron's third-quarter sales to lose as much as $200 million.

In addition to Micron, it is reported that Intel has also resumed its supply to Huawei. However, Intel has no relevant announcements yet.