On June 18th, US semiconductor solution provider MACOM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as MACOM) announced the launch of the organizational restructuring plan.

According to the released restructuring plan, MACOM will permanently reduce 250 employees, including temporary employees, full-time employees and management personnel, accounting for 20% of all MACOM employees. In addition, MACOM announced that it will close seven R&D facilities located around the world, including France, Japan, the Netherlands, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

At the same time, MACOM also announced that it will no longer invest in the design and development of optical modules and subsystems for data centers. Looking ahead, MACOM will focus on becoming a supplier of semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) and photonic devices and providing semiconductor component level support for optical module manufacturers.

Stephen Daly, president and CEO of MACOM, said: “It is not easy to make such a decision, but in order to strengthen our strategic plan, we must do this.”

It is understood that MACOM expects restructuring costs of approximately $14 million, including $7 million in employee dismissal costs. According to MACOM's estimates, after the full implementation of the restructuring plan, an average of 50 million US dollars can be saved annually.