Rutronik now plans to expand its Asian presence, in terms of both infrastructure and staff. The enlarged facilities, which allow rapidly increasing teams to sit in, include new office room in Shanghai, with move-in at the end of January; as well as in Shenzhen, scheduled for no later than October 2018. In Singapore, a new office with legal entity will be opened within the first quarter. Then three additional offices are planned for the second half of 2018, in Tianjin, Malaysia, and India. An additional warehouse is to be built in Shanghai.

Between now and 2020 the distributor will also be recruiting new talent in the region at an annual rate of 20-50%. The following positions have now been approved and are eagerly recruited: a Customs Clearance Specialist for China business; a Supply Chain Manager; and a Quality Manager.

Optimizing the work environment

New employees at Rutronik will find they are treated well. Rutronik takes its social responsibilities very seriously and seeks to develop its employees' skills and knowledge to the fullest. The company gives its staff every opportunity to undertake further training at Rutronik's headquarters in Germany, where they can meet and talk with their German colleagues and exchange vital information about suppliers and markets. They also gain a deeper understanding of Rutronik's corporate culture.

These training sessions are not all hard work. Visiting colleagues have the opportunity to visit places of interest and take part in local 'special events.' Rutronik employee Ted Tsai, from Taiwan, commented that, "The training was a very nice experience. The most memorable event was St. Nicholas Day, celebrated on 6 December. We had so much fun at this big party in the evening, tasting traditional German sausages and drinking mulled wine. This was a truly special event."

As a responsible employer, Rutronik knows that its human resources are its most valuable resources!