STMicroelectronics announced today that it has joined the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), a cross-industry organization dedicated to advancing global technology for smartphone-to-vehicle connectivity solutions.

According to reports, STMicroelectronics offers a variety of products suitable for automotive connectivity to help fulfill CCC's mission, including ST25 NFC readers, ST33 security components, STA12 Accordo infotainment processors, STA13 Telemaco automotive processors, and Stellar vehicles gateway/domain microcontroller.

At present, STMicroelectronics has become the top manufacturer in the NFC technology market, and is also the leader in using NFC technology as a pairing channel for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. In addition, STMicroelectronics offers a range of technologies to address wireless charging issues including authentication and foreign object detection. This technology helps to ensure the safety of automotive applications with the help of ST's first-mover advantage in eSIM.

Infotainment is another segment of STMicroelectronics' focus, offering solutions that pair with smartphones or map on top systems, providing voice-controlled Internet music and online navigation services that enhance the user experience. In addition, ST offers a wide range of automotive microprocessors and other automotive products for control, sensing and driving a full range of automotive applications.

"Smartphones increase efficiency and convenience for consumers. As a voice-activated personal assistant, personal wallet, or navigator, smartphones are safe and convenient. Smartphones are authentication-based devices and can also be used to open the door for the car owner, adjust the seat, tune the radio, and personalize the vehicle to increase comfort and personal preference," said Joel Huloux, director of STMicroelectronics' standardized microcontroller and digital integrated circuits products division. "As a leading provider of long-term trust in the smartphone and automotive industry, STMicroelectronics recognizes CCC's mission to make connectivity and driving possible and convenient, and joins the alliance to share our expertise with other companies."