According to media reports, IBM has received a $275 million contract from the US Department of Defense to help create a reliable supply chain focused on semiconductor technology security.

The US Department of Defense said on Tuesday that IBM and DEMA (The Defense Microelectronics Activity) will work to create a manufacturing process embedded in the interior of semiconductor process facilities.

The contract supports the Trusted Foundry Access II program to further protect the business environment and help US federal agencies acquire advanced technology manufacturing capabilities. In addition, other services for the contract will include subject matter expertise and consulting to assess and propose other tasks. IBM will also help DEMA evaluate new facilities, system tools and processes to further achieve strategic goals.

Ms. Kristen J. Baldwin of the US Department of Defense said that microelectronics is part of the US Department of Defense's top key technology areas, including quantum computing, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, space and biotechnology. Baldwin pointed out that China is investing 150 billion US dollars in microelectronics technology, and not only in China, but also establish national and industry partnerships with other international partners. In response to foreign microelectronics investments and strengthening the US industrial base, the Department of Defense plans to significantly increase research funding for the technology.