Samsung recently began sampling its 32Gb DDR4 memory chips, which increase storage density and make it easier for DRAM packaging plants to produce high-capacity memory modules. Samsung's 32Gb A-die DDR4-2666 chip consists of two stacked 16Gb DDR4 dies, using the company's 10 nanometer process technology.

Samsung offers two versions of the 32Gb DDR4 package: one with a 2G x8 structure and the other with a 1G x16 structure. The former is considered by the memory controller to be two DRAM memory devices, while the latter is considered as one device.

The 32Gb DDR4 memory chip will enable module and PC manufacturers to use fewer DRAM chips to build high-capacity solutions for applications that require high memory density or small form factor. Obviously, dual-column memory modules still require memory controller support, but it is easier to build high-capacity memory subsystems using these chips.

Samsung did not disclose pricing for its 32Gb DDR4-2666 DDP, but it is clear that they will be sold at a relatively high price because these chips are only available from Samsung and it is more difficult to build than SDP.