According to the Kyodo News Agency, Toshiba announced on the 13th that it will cut about 350 employees in the semiconductor division. Affected by the sluggish semiconductor market, Toshiba believes that measures to lay off employees can turn the integrated circuit business into a profit. At the same time, Toshiba proposed the operating profit target for FY 2021. According to this target, Toshiba expects its operating profit in 2021 to increase by 200 billion yen compared with 2018, saying that it will step up layoffs.

According to reports, as early as the end of March 2019, Toshiba recruited about 1,060 early retirees for employees in the main business and energy business, of which 823 agreed to leave.

Noshiaki Kurumatani, Chairman and CEO of Toshiba, explained that as long as there is no major market change, the early retirement system will not be used in the future. In addition, Toshiba also announced that the number of external directors will increase from 7 to 10, of which 4 are foreigners. The inner directors will only be Nobuaki Kurumatani and President Satoshi Tsunakawa.