Recently, ADI announced the appointment of Daniel Leibholz, Vice President of Communications Business, as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). After his appointment, Daniel will be responsible for developing and leading ADI's end-market application technology strategy.

Daniel joined ADI in 2008 and led many of ADI's teams, including digital signal processing and consumer/portable technology. While working as vice president of communications business at Analog Devices, ADI's 5G wireless and cable markets have seen tremendous growth.

"When we draw a way forward for ADI, I look forward to this new role," Daniel Leibholz said. “Our goal is to 'beyond the possibilities' and our extensive range of advanced technologies will enable the company to continue to lead in the next few years.”

“Over the years, we have established the ADI brand as the premier analog technology and solution provider for B2B applications,” said Vincent Roche, President and CEO. “In our fast-growing industry, it is critical to stay ahead as we seek to solve the most difficult problems our customers face. Dan's technology vision, experience in developing ADI digital and analog products, and a strong business background will help us continue to deliver the most impact on our customers and their current and future markets.”