According to Strategy Analytics, Infineon's automotive business in Japan increased by nearly 25% in 2018, growing faster than any of Japan's top ten automotive semiconductor suppliers.

According to statistics, Japanese car production accounts for about 10% of the world. The key pillar of Infineon's success is its high quality leadership strategy. Recently, Toyota, Japan's largest automaker, once again awarded Infineon the honor of its five-year zero-defect delivery.

Mr. Peter Schiefer, President of Infineon Automotive, said: “The quality requirements of Japanese automakers are particularly high. We are very proud of our five years of uncompromising cargo rewards. Our strong commitment to zero defects is one of the reasons we have consistently surpassed the Japanese automotive semiconductor market since 2010. ”

According to Infineon, in the 2018 fiscal year, Infineon shipped more than 7 billion auto parts worldwide. In recent years, Infineon has also won awards from other automotive global companies such as Hyundai Kia, Bosch, UAES, Denso and Mitsuba.