On April 23, Zhengzhou Customs of China publicly destroyed 20,000 counterfeit TI ICs with a total value of about 1.05 million US dollars. Due to regulations, the customs did not disclose the part number of these ICs.

According to the customs introduction, the IC marked with the Texas Instruments brand was previously declared to the customs by a company in Zhengzhou, and the customs officers found the IC suspected of counterfeiting. After the seizure of the shipment, Customs contacted Texas Instruments to confirm that the ICs were counterfeit products.

These counterfeit ICs are mainly used to prevent short circuits caused by momentary overload of current when the vehicle is started, which is extremely harmful. Once assembled into the car, it will seriously endanger the personal and property safety of consumers.

After learning that China Customs will publicly destroy the infringement of trademark rights, the Texas Instruments China Office sent a letter of thanks to Zhengzhou Customs.