STMicroelectronics, the world famous MCU maker, plans to reduce the production for 8 bits MCU by half and put it for 32 bits MCU production.

As we know, STMicroelectronics started to extend the MCU product lead time since 2nd half year of 2017, and some MCU products get short supply such as 8 bits MCU, Cortex M0/M3/M4…etc. furthermore, as the only supplier and IDM of Apple company, STMicroelectronics surely will put more production capability for new Iphone’s 3D sensing technology in 2018.

As we reported on 19th December 2017, NXP had already announced the price hike for MCU and automotive components, it was the first MCU maker to increase price tag. According to the current status and STMicroelectronics’s production adjusting plan, it could be predicted that STMicroelectronics’s MCU price may goes up in near future.