During 2017 and the past few months in 2018, Yageo already executed the price hike several times, the last price increase was in February and it was rose about 10-20%, the next price float will from 1st of April, estimated to increase by 40-50%, some products may be more.

As disclosure, the price increase in April will covers all range of MLCC product for size 0201-1206, even though that Yageo doesn’t issue any official announcement, but they already informed the customer in March while order price negotiation.

It is said the reason is that, after Murata announced the production reduction, MLCC orders turned to Taiwan makers like Yageo, this situation enforces the Yageo’s production get tighter, especially for 0402 105 specification which been widely used in varied applications and Murata mainly supply directly to EMS customers and release very limited quantity to distribution market.

As we know, Yageo is playing an important role in the MLCC market, according to the current status, other manufacturers may follow Yageo’s step, for example, Walsin already announced the price hike recently.