According to reports, in 2018, Mouser Electronics' overall revenue in China achieved a 65% increase, with a new customer growth rate of 38%. For the 2019 revenue outlook, Mouser Electronics is optimistic, as revenue in the first two months of 2019 has increased by 29% compared to the same period last year.

In fact, due to the trade wars and component shortages in China and the United States, 2018 is a tough year for the electronic components distribution industry, but why is Mouser Electronics able to make such outstanding performance in such a difficult time? In response to this question, Mouser Electronics recently accepted an interview with the media and revealed its reasons.

First of all, Mouser Electronics' main business is the online small-volume distribution, and the companies that are heavily influenced by the global market environment in 2018 are focused on high-volume distribution, while small-volume distributors are relatively less affected. Compared to other companies that do small-volume distribution, Mouser Electronics has the advantage of stocking. Mouser Electronics' warehouse has more than 5 billion yuan in electronic components. In addition, Mouser does not use the phone or visit customers to sell products, but through marketing to tell customers where the value of Mouser is. At the same time, Mouser Electronics focused on the introduction of new products and technologies, which attracted many engineers.

Second, in addition to marketing, Mouser Electronics has a variety of innovative services, such as the Samcys system can be used by engineers, and the buyer can use the BOM tool, which does not require buyers to find components one by one, they only need to upload the BOM to view millions of orderable parts and see the quantity and price.

Third, due to its focus on small-volume distribution, Mouser Electronics' inventory stocking principle focuses on the number of SKUs rather than the large number of individual electronic components, which reduces the number of idle stocks.

Fourth, in support for emerging applications in the industry, such as autopilot and IoT-related products, Mouser Electronics can get relevant technical data and data sheets for new products earlier than other companies, and then provide them to potential customers who need these products.

Last year, many semiconductor manufacturers canceled the licenses of some distributors, but Mouser Electronics was completely unaffected. In fact, manufacturers do not need too many high-volume distributors, so the agents that were canceled were focused on high-volume distribution. The strength of Mouser Electronics is to focus on the global customer base of new products, which is very valuable to manufacturers and can help them open up the market. In addition, Mouser Electronics also said that they will expand the warehouse this year, and the newly added warehouse area is about 12,000 square meters, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year.