Maxim Integrated has introduced the MAX20049, an ultra-compact power management IC that integrates four power supplies. This device occupies an ultra-small PCB footprint and is an ideal component for automotive camera modules.

Today, automotive camera modules are getting smaller and smaller, so designers need a small-sized power management solution. The 4-channel MAX20049 power management IC is 30% smaller than competing solutions and its efficiency is among the highest in its quad-power power management IC competing products. It offers a number of options to support modules that require a variety of output voltages for different mixing of sensors and serializers, allowing designers to make changes to the layout as needed, or to fine tune the IC to meet specific application requirements. The MAX20049 provides fault mitigation to help flag faults and output voltage changes to ensure proper camera operation

Key Advantages

  • Smallest Solution Size:has a PCB footprint that is almost 30 percent smaller than that of the closest competitor (38mm2 compared to 53.3mm2)
  • Highest Efficiency:system efficiency at full load is 74 percent (versus 69 percent for discrete automotive solutions)
  • Flexibility:the dual buck converters and low-noise LDO support a wide voltage input range from 4V to 17V, enabling power-over-coax (POC), typically from 8V to 10V. There is also an option of using one of the buck converters as an intermediate supply for generating typical sensor + serializer rails
  • Fault Mitigation: flags faults and shifts in output voltages to ensure cameras are working as intended
  • Low Noise:spread spectrum and 2.2MHz switching frequency mitigates electromagnetic interference (EMI) to meet CISPR low-noise specifications

For more information on the MAX20049, please refer to the Maxim Integrated website: