Recently, STMicroelectronics accepted media interviews in China. In the interview, ST said that artificial intelligence not only needs the brain like the cloud to process data, but also needs nerve endings to control. In the era of artificial intelligence, MCUs will play an indispensable role in nerve endings for any market.

ST believes that the current primary goal is to find a solution for how to replace people with machines. This program does not start from the high-end market, but from the low-end, simple manual labor substitution to the high-end, refined division of labor for a step-by-step slow replacement. In terms of industrial automation and intelligence, the fundamental goal is to replace traditional manual operations with machines, which not only reduces the cost of factory production and operation, but also performs finer operations than manual. This alternative can be achieved with a simple MCU and executive program.

In addition to the smart factories mentioned above, artificial intelligence is expanding into more fields, and for these applications, although different applications have different requirements for chips. However, in ST's view, the reconstruction of the industry is inseparable from the support of the MCU. Based on this, ST has been working hard to broaden its MCU product line.

At the end of the interview, ST revealed that 10 new MCUs will be released this year to further realize the full coverage of the entire industry.