Arrow Electronics announced the launch of the ArrowPlus platform, which will provide technology crowdsourcing services to customers who need to design and build electronic hardware products. Through this platform, ArrowPlus aims to reduce the cost of R&D of its customers by up to 30% and bring products from concept to market faster.

ArrowPlus is powered by, the world's largest freelance and crowdsourcing market with more than 32 million users worldwide, and many startups and global giants are their customers. ArrowPlus is designed to address complex technical issues in consumer electronics, transportation, healthcare, industrial, Internet of Things (IoT), telecommunications, biomedical, cloud security, firmware, hardware and connectivity products in a variety of industries.

According to ArrowPlus, it has more than 500,000 experienced electronics and electrical engineers who can complete the entire lifecycle of hardware product development for customers through independent or team work, including but not limited to:

· Idea and prototyping
· Analog and digital design
· Printed circuit board design
· Bill of Materials (BOM) component selection
· Custom requirements to product delivery
· Component consolidation and cost reduction
· Redesigning smaller sizes
· Documents and translations
· Develop firmware, drivers and middleware
· Real-time embedded software development
· Integrated circuit design
· Manufacturing

The ArrowPlus platform has been officially launched. For more information, please visit its website: