Silicon Labs introduces the WGM160P, which extends its Wi-Fi module and transceiver portfolio to enable developers to create end-node products with optimal power, superior RF immunity and a high level of security. Designed to meet the specific needs of IoT applications, the Wireless Gecko product line reduces Wi-Fi power consumption by half compared to competing products, providing the ideal Wi-Fi solution for power-sensitive interconnect products, such as Battery-powered IP security cameras, point-of-sale scanners, asset trackers, and personal medical devices.

Silicon Labs' comprehensive, flexible Wi-Fi portfolio includes three devices:

● The WGM160P module further expands the design possibilities by combining onboard Gecko microcontrollers, host support, integrated antennas, pre-certified, mass storage (2MB flash and 512K RAM) and a wide range of peripheral functions. It provides designers with an easier way to create cloud-connected IoT products.
● The WFM200 module is an integrated antenna, minimum size and pre-certified Wi-Fi System on Chip (SiP) device, ideal for space-constrained designs. The module also meets the requirements of new industrial and outdoor applications that require 105°C temperature support.
● The WF200 transceiver IC provides a cost-effective way to add Wi-Fi to existing volume design products for a variety of mainframes (from 8-bit to Linux-class processors) and supports antenna diversity.

The WF200 transceiver in a 4mm x 4mm QFN32 package is in volume production. The WFM200 module is available in a 6.5mm x 6.5mm SiP package and is scheduled for volume production in the second quarter of 2019, samples are now available. The WGM160P module in the form of a PCB has been mass-produced at the end of February and samples are available now.

For pricing on the WF200, WFM200 and WGM160P, please contact your Silicon Labs sales representative or authorized distributor.