Infineon announced that it will jointly showcase a new Xylon IP core called logiHSSL with Xilinx and Xylon at the 2019 Embedded World Trade Show. The program is the result of a collaboration between the three companies to provide greater flexibility for secure microcontrollers in automotive and industrial applications.

The solution enables high-speed communication between Infineon's AURIXTM TC2xx and TC3xx microcontrollers and Xilinx's SoC, MPSoC and FPGA devices via the Infineon High Speed Serial Link (HSSL). This serial link supports baud rates up to 320 Mbaud with a net payload data rate of up to 84%.

“Our AURIX microcontrollers are a market reference for many safety critical applications such as advanced driver assistance and autonomous driving,” said Ralf Koedel, Director of Marketing at Infineon Microcontrollers. “Now, we are creating new options for customers in emerging applications that are both critical to safety, including industrial automation applications.”

"Our products use ADAS and AD architecture for data aggregation, pre-processing and distribution, and computational acceleration," said Paul Zoratti, director of automotive solutions at Xilinx. "Combined with the AURIX family to provide ASIL Class D functional security, which creates a strong market share for FPGA-based HSSL solutions. Xylon's licensable IP core will enable customers to achieve reliable HSSL communication between Xilinx and Infineon devices Path without having to spend valuable development resources."

At the Embedded World Exhibition, Infineon will present a demonstration board at its booth (Booth No. 231, Hall 3A).