According to DRAMeXchange, the DRAM industry will remain in an oversupply situation in the first half of 2019, and prices will continue to fall. In the first quarter, affected by the off-season effect, coupled with excess inventory, the price decline in January has exceeded 15%. It is expected that prices will continue to fall in February and March, and the overall first quarter decline will exceed 20%, while the server memory decline may reach 30%.

DRAM oversupply, the first quarter's decline will exceed 20%-SemiMedia

For the second quarter, DRAMeXchange pointed out that although the demand has rebounded slightly, it will take time to consume the accumulated inventory, and the pressure of oversupply is still there. The estimated quarterly decline is about 15%.

In addition, DRAMeXchange estimates that server memory inventory is relatively large, and the price decline will continue into the third quarter. The demand for mobile storage is expected to strengthen in the second quarter, but the price will still be difficult to stop falling.