Recently, Mouser Electronics announced a global distribution agreement with Monnit Corp. to sell Monnit's wireless sensors, gateways and Internet of Things (IoT) starter kits worldwide.

The Monnit® ALTA® wireless sensor is an ecosystem of more than 60 sensors that detects changes in various variables such as temperature, water presence, door position or current. Monnit's ALTA Series offers over 1200 feet (non-line-of-sight) exceptional range over 12 walls, as well as Monnit Encrypt-RF® integrated security and onboard data storage. The ALTA sensor is extremely versatile and can last up to 12 years with 2 AA batteries.

The Monnit IoT Starter Kit features enterprise-class hardware and software to meet the needs of a reliable IoT solution. The IoT Starter Kits include everything needed to start monitoring various applications, including facilities, agricultural areas, corporate property, commercial refrigeration, HVAC systems and server rooms.