Rutronik, which originated in Germany, is a world-renowned distributor of electronic components. In recent years, it has actively expanded its global business. It has become the third largest authorized distributor of electronic components in Europe and the eleventh in the world.

In 2011, Rutronik entered the Asian market. During the expansion of the Asian market, Rutronik established a customer service logistics center in Hong Kong, including sales, field application engineers (FAE), business development managers (BDM) and local marketing teams. In addition, Rutronik currently has about 100 employees in six offices in mainland China, Taiwan and Thailand, and plans to open another office in Tianjin, China. According to Rutronik, the Southeast Asian market has great potential, in order to keep the short lead time and to ensure close proximity to customers, it plans to open an office in Penang, Malaysia.

Since the expansion of the North American market in 2015, Rutronik has established more and more representatives in North America. With the headquarters moving to Dallas, Texas and the construction of a logistics center in Austin, Rutronik achieved more timely service and shorter lead time. In addition, last spring, Rutronik opened offices in Massachusetts and California. In addition to the US as a major target market, Rutronik is expanding its operations in Mexico and Canada.

Currently, Rutronik has offices in more than 30 countries in Europe, North America and Asia. In its global expansion, its flexible strategy has played a big role. According to Rutronik, each market has its own unique characteristics. For example, the industrial market in Europe and the United States has a large demand, while the Asian market has a greater demand in the consumer electronics market. For different markets, Rutronik allows branch offices to independently sign authorized distribution contracts with suppliers to meet the needs of local customers.

At the same time, all of Rutronik’s global offices use the same IT infrastructure, which allows employees in different parts of the world to interact with the same data, employees can view all real-time inventory or other data, and can use any warehouse to serve customers. This also applies to any project, and Rutronik expects customers to benefit from a single source of globally unified support. This reduces the cost of the customer, no matter where their R&D and production are located, Rutronik can assist the customer at any time to provide on-site support, delivery and logistics services. This strategy makes Rutronik's processes for every employee worldwide more streamlined, transparent and easy to understand. This allows Rutronik to act quickly and flexibly on a global scale, providing the foundation for its globalization.