According to the Nikkei News reported on January 28, MLCC producer Taiyo Yuden plans to invest about $137 million to expand production as demand for vehicles continues to rise.

The report pointed out that Taiyo Yuden will start construction of the new MLCC plant in April 2020, which will increase its MLCC capacity by 40%. In December last year, Taiyo Yuden invested about 10 billion yen to build a new MLCC plant (No. 3 plant), which will be officially put into production in March this year. By then, its MLCC capacity will increase by 60%.

With the popularity of electric vehicles and automatic driving, Taiyo Yuden expects that the demand for automotive MLCC will continue to rise, while smartphone sales are showing signs of slowing down in China and other markets. However, with the continuous high performance of smartphones, the demand for MLCC will also increase, Taiyo Yuden decided to build a new plant to expand production to meet these market demands.